When Should You Replace Your Air Conditioning Unit? – HVAC Tips and News

effectively. It can result from issues like a malfunctioning compressor or a refrigerant leak, however, it is usually a sign that the system is in need of replacement. Another indication that it might be time to replace your air conditioner is if the unit is making unusual noises such as rattling or grinding. This may be caused by damaged bearings or wear caused to the compressor.

If you’re AC unit keeps breaking down and needs frequent repair then it could be economically efficient over the long haul to replace it , rather than having to pay for maintenance on a regular basis. If your energy bill is consistently growing, it might be the result of your air conditioner rapidly becoming less effective. It is also possible to upgrade your AC if it is older by more than 10 years. Most AC units last between 10 and 15 years. While it may appear to be in good working order, an old unit may be less energy efficient and could cost you more over the long term. If you notice a musty, moldy smell, musty or wet the smell of your AC, it could indicate mildew growth. This can pose risks to your health.


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