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Gina concept car

News comes in all different forms such as printed, televised or online. News reports usually include such things as local news, national news, financial news, sports, weather and Gina news. Perhaps Gina news is not an official category for news stories, but there certainly has been a lot of it lately.

It is most likely a coincidence, but it seems like every newscast, newspaper, and online news source today has a current or recent story about someone, or something, named Gina. The name seems to be appearing in news stories more frequently than most. Gina Davis bodybuilder is one of the Ginas who has been in the news recently. Gina Morgan photography has also enjoyed some recent press. Many children are familiar with Sesame street gina, and those who are looking for ideas for light meals may have seen some of Ginas skinny recipes.

In the areas of automotives and technology there is also Gina news. The Gina concept car is a light visionary model. The innovative design uses a textile fabric body shell, instead of the traditional steel and plastic. This new and unique idea will allow the cars skin to change shape. The textile fabric is stretched over a moveable wire frame. The design of Gina concept car actually allows the driver to change the shape of the car. It has the ability to stretch to match the position and curve of the wire frame. The actual Gina car has not been built, it is currently just a concept.

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