Understanding EV Chargers – Car Talk Podcast

Electric vehicles could be an excellent choice but it is important that you are aware of the needs of these vehicles, especially in regards to charging. A thorough understanding of EV chargers will allow you to prepare for the responsibilities that come with owning an electric car.

When understanding EV chargers, it is vital to understand the differentiators between the most common models of chargers. The standard charger comes found in the majority of cars. It is able to plug into any standard wall outlet. It has the capacity to charge at a slower rate. This is its major drawback. Most vehicles receive three to five miles per hour when making use of this type of charger.

A two-level charger has become the type which is the most frequently used within a home. A majority, depending on installation, provide about 25 to 30 miles charge per hour. The device requires an electrical receptacle that is equivalent to an oven in order to charge this device.

Please see the attached video for more information about EV chargers.


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