The Adventure Doesn’t Have to Stop so Soon A Guide to Your Ash-Scattering Journey – Video Travel Guides

Loons are injected with Helium which is then launched at an altitude of up to 40,000 feet. This causes the founders to explode, then to melt at higher elevations. Take note that the exact area of scattering can differ.
7. Eternal Reefs

The Eternal Reef combines the cremation burial urn with the dispersal of ashes and burial at sea, resulting in an environmental legacy that lasts for existence. A Eternal Reef is a reef built of safe and cast concrete, and permanently laid on the sea floor.

Eternal Reefs transforms the loved one’s cremated remains into a coral reef and then drops them into areas with no reefs rather than scattering them, or floating them. Your loved one might evolve into a reef in order to benefit marine life and leave an indelible legacy- a fantastic opportunity to pay tribute to an individual who passed away.

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