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On Sesame Street Gina is the lovable veterinarian, who went to vet school after running a daycare where she babysat Elmo and Zoe. She originally appeared as a day guest in 1987 as a way for Mr. Hoopers to teach the audience a lesson about orienteering. She was a teenager then, played by Alison Bartlett O’Reilly, who loved the rock band Little Jerry and the Monotones, a fictional band that performed on Sesame Street. After she left Sesame Street Gina went to veterinarian school, and moved back in 2001. She has also adopted a little boy from Guatemala.

A search for Gina news today brings up a variety of results. Alongside the Sesame Street Gina, you get results for the GINA concept car, a design by BMW for a shape shifting car, in this instance GINA stands for “Geometry and functions In ‘N’ Adaptations”. Unlike Sesame Street Gina, GINA is covered in spandex stretched over a movable frame. You may also end up at looking at Ginas skinny recipes. Eating healthy, low fat foods is a message Sesame Street Gina would likely approve of, as Sesame Street has been a big proponent of eating healthy fruits and vegetables, even rebranding Cookie Monster as a vegetable eater. Another famous Gina that a search will pull up is Gina Davis Bodybuilder. Davis is the 2004 Womens heavyweight and overall champion bodybuilder. Davis is from Texas, but lives in Oklahoma. She trained for the 2004 NPC by doing 2 hours of cardio a day and stepmill 6 times a week. Her diet was limited to oatmeal, rice, chicken, and veggies. The latter of that is still something Sesame Street Gina would likely approve of. Gina Morgan Photography also pops up in the web search. This Gina is a photographer from Missouri who specializes in portraits.

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