Five Interesting Facts About Commercial Christmas Lighting

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Christmas always seems to come earlier and earlier every year. It’s a holiday that easily creeps up on us until we’re gobsmacked by the fact that it’s right around the corner. It’s not that we are constantly procrastinating on it, it’s just that we’re constantly procrastinating on this winter holiday. While consumers may not begin setting up for Christmas until well after Thanksgiving, commercial businesses are jumping on the bandwagon of decoration as soon as they can by setting up their commercial Christmas lighting.

It’s become fairly common place for commercial businesses to begin setting up their Christmas lights and Christmas decor in October and sometimes leaving it up until January or later. This is a practice that keeps the holiday fresh in the mind of consumers for at least six months and with all the post Christmas specials, people often times plan out their Christmas yard decorations in advance. But, before you begin to bank on the economic boon that is Christmas, there are some facts you should know about the commercial Christmas lighting that will draw in your customer base.

When you’re planning to decorate for Christmas, remember to keep in mind that your commercial Christmas lighting will require a dedicated circuit and that using just one strand of LED lights will increase the cost of your electricity bill by six dollars for the season. If you’re looking to use traditional string lights for your commercial Christmas lighting that price is guaranteed to do up. LED xmas lights only consume about 10 percent of the energy that a traditional set of commercial mini bulbs would. They are also heat resistant which makes them very popular to be used in any wreaths that may or may adorn your store front to act as a focal point.

Another thing to remember is that putting up commercial Christmas lights is an expense but what you put into your business at this time of the year, you will get out of it. Companies and small businesses who do not decorate for the holiday, do not seem to realize the power that it has on the minds of their consumers. When you can inspire your customers to buy more or even to begin talking about the display that you’ve created with your commercial Christmas lights, then you’re ahead of the game.
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