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Some people may never know what kind of gift to get someone, especially if they are thinking about clothes. One of the best things to look at could be camouflage clothing, which could be perfect for anyone that enjoys hunting and the outdoors. Unbeknownst to many, modern military camouflage clothing and gear has roots in the cubist avant garde art movements of the early 20th century. From pink camouflage to camo wedding dresses, there will be a ton of camouflage clothing ideas available for someone looking for something unique.

There are many types of camouflage clothing, with background matching being the most common type. Camouflage also exists in nature, from the Chameleon to the Zebra. While some people may assume that a Zebras stripes give it away, when it is running, they produce a blur of its outline that confuses predators. Other forms of camouflage clothing have been used for members of the military.

Many camouflaged patterns were developed to suit a need to match ones combat clothing to a different kind of terrain, such as snow, desert or woodland. The brown and tan camouflage pattern used in desert situations was developed in 1962 during the Arab Israeli conflict. It was not used often until the Gulf War.

Nowadays, there are tons of camouflage clothing and other accessories available. It can be brightly colored and fashionable, or it could be traditional and made for someone ready to go on a big game hunt. From bathing suits and purses to formal wear, interested shoppers will certainly not find a lack of items to browse. While perhaps seeming a bit unusual to some, camouflage clothing could be the ideal thing for those individuals that want to suit up with something truly unique. The good news for everyone is that many of these items will not be extremely expensive, which is great news for everyone that is shopping on a budget.

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