A moms perspective on Investing

I am a mom, mother, mommy… My life revolves around my children. A bulk amount of my day is spent dropping the kids off at soccer, karate, ballet. I cook, I clean, I do home work, projects… I need to be available 24/7, tape recorderI have the word "mom" thrown at me at least a million times during the day, sometimes I imagine that someone broke the recorder and the vinyl is stuck on the word mom…

Sometimes mom needs to escape! I love reading blogs for woman, by woman. I like blogs that have a multitude of  topics, these blogs are often my only connection to the "adult" world. I recently stumbled upon a great blog by Gina Cargile, she blogs about every topic from security, politics, finance or lifestyle.

Through Gina Cargile's financial blogpost you can get great information about financial Advisor's. I found this topic and her take on the subject fascinating and decided to do a bit more research into what financial investing is all about? A numbers game for sure, a risk game without a doubt and learning how to do it properly will bring you closer to your aspirations. Investing is something that needs to be guided by experience. Yield Management Inc company is such a company. Their Advisor's can guide you by providing insightful just advice. Yield Management take their strong perspectives on how to make an investment and guide you on how that will maintain your wealth.

What is their Investment Approach?

Yield Management's number one objective is to provide a full comprehensive financial service for all their investors. As an individual investor, growing and then preserving your capital is their goal. Their investment philosophy is based on using extensive research and market intelligence to make the most informed decisions. Every person has unique individualised goals and needs. The Yield Management team discusses these goals and needs in-depth with each client, they find out what your personal circumstances and investment objectives are and help get you to your goal. Cooperative relationships between you as the client and the Yield Management Advisor creates the most important factor contributing to people accomplishing their financial goals! The set up an individual investment portfolio for you and will routinely monitor it then provide you with further guidance if rebalancing is required

What are the reasons for rebalancing your investment portfolio?

Life is always throwing us curve balls, the path is never a simple easy straight line, often things in life change, things such as retirement, inheritance, purchase or sale of real estate, health, and other factors that may alter the structure of a person’s plan. For these and other reasons rebalancing of investments is often required. ​


​Making The Right Decision

I need reassurance that I am in the right hands when investing my money. There are a number of financial brokers that offers similar services, they are not all equals and because there are many to choose from, investors can sometimes be guided into the wrong hands. Yield Managements Advisor's are always available for their customers, they realise that their clients are their number one priority and part of their job is to make sure you as the client is satisfied with your financial portfolio. 

As a parent every penny I earn is saved for my children, to benefit them and make sure they will one day attend the best universities, thus taking the financial risk is scary, but with Yield Management guiding me I am confident that my investments are heading in the right direction, up!

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