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As a character on Sesame Street Gina Jefferson has been a recognizable face for well over two decades. Behind the character is Alison Bartlett OReilly, a talented actress that has become known and loved to millions of children across the country and the world. While on Sesame Street Gina has mingled with the characters, worked in day care, gone to school, started a business and adopted a child. Some would say that she is the not only a terrific character, but a fantastic role model as well.

Some people may know the character that Allison Bartlett OReilly plays from watching her on television for years at a time, while others may have discovered her accidently. While searching for Ginas Skinny Recipes or the Gina concept car, people may have seen something that reminded them of programming that they watched as a child. Thankfully, the latest relevant Gina news could be the perfect thing for anyone that has a child, and wants to make sure that they watch programming that will enrich their life.

Aside from appearing in Sesame Street Gina has also made it into several movies and specials. Each one has shown a character that teaches people at home and on the program about laughter, love, adventure and triumph. Children that may have been adopted could find the story of her adopting young Marco from Guatemala to be absolutely heartwarming. The same could be said of those children that have had to spend a great deal of time at a day care center while their parents worked.

Whether someone sent out to learn about Gina Morgan photography or the Sesame Street Gina character, what is most important is that they learn. Perhaps the most valuable thing that people like Allison Bartlett OReilly and programs like Sesame Street have given to children is the idea that learning can be fun as fun and entertaining as it can be useful.

All too often, parents have watched as their children waste their time in front of program with little to no redeeming value. Thanks to shows like Sesame Street and characters like Gina Jefferson, parents could make sure that their children take away something of value every time that they sit down in front of the TV.

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